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"Seacourt epitomise our core values of ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly work."

Why winning in Oxfordshire is so special to us

We’re thrilled to lift not one but TWO accolades in this year’s Oxfordshire Business Awards : the Knights Small Business and BRITA Green awards.   Anyone who knows Seacourt will be aware of the many trophies and certifications we are...

A feature on Seacourt by the Triodos Bank magazine, The Colour Of Money

Perhaps surprisingly, the printing industry is among the most polluting in the world, being ranked alongside mining, nuclear and oil. But one printing company recognised that the industry was ripe for change, with huge potential for positive ecological impact. Here’s...

Greenest Company in the World?

The Independent's i-Paper paid us a visit. Here's what they found!  Click here to view the online article....

gareth and nick volvos
Seacourt Print chooses Volvo’s XC90 T8 to support its industry-leading sustainable operations

Gareth (left) and Nick Dinnage, Seacourt directors, and the Volvo XC90 T8’s Oxford-based green printing company Seacourt has furthered its on-going commitment to sustainable business operations as its directors take delivery of two new Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine models....

Seacourt makes the leap to Planet Positive Printing

  L-R - Jake Backus – MD Empathy Sustainability, Gareth Dinnage + Ed Hanrahan – Head of Climate Care We’re proud to announce that Seacourt has officially become one of the world’s first printers to go Beyond Carbon Neutral in...

Seacourt EMAS Award Winner 2017

8th May 2017 : Seacourt has announced that it has won at the 2017 European EMAS Awards. The 2017 European EMAS Awards awards companies and public institutions that have demonstrated environmental excellence. The jury also recognized Seacourt's development of new...

Seacourt wins its third Queen's Award for sustainable development

21st April 2016 : Seacourt has announced that it has won its third Queen's Award for Sustainable Development in recognition of its ground-breaking Light Touch ® print technology, the world's first waterless LED printing process. The Oxford company, which marks...

Seacourt featured in My Green Pod magazine

 We are pleased to say we have been featured in the My Green Pod magazine, which was circulated nationally inside the Guardian newspaper on Friday 25th March. Please click to read about the Print Revolution....

Art doubles as Renewable energy source blog image
Art doubles as Renewable energy source

What happens when renewable energy meets public art? The Land Art Generator Initiative, or Lagi, founded by Pittsburgh-based artists Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry, is trying to find the answer with several proposed public art structures designed to generate power...

The Most Precious Resource on our Planet

Water is a finite resource which is crucial to all living beings. Yet some of us are clueless to how it's being used and how demand is projected to soar in the near future.   Why not test out your water...

The Future of Printing

Our deep commitment to sustainability has always driven us to continue advancements in environmental initiatives and technology.   Strivng to better ourselves, maintain dynamism and create value for our clients has enabled us to create a unique, world-first printing concept,...

Ellie Poo logo
Making a Splat with Print

Article by: Graham Brown from the Exotic Paper Company How do you really catch and hold your customers’ attention while adhering to your environmental ethos? More and more companies are using recycled paper for their campaigns so standing out from...

The Difference Between EMAS and ISO14001

The EMAS (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) credential is well recognised and acknowledged as one of the highest of environmental performance systems available on the market.  In this article we discuss  the power behind EMAS and why it’s different to...

CCSC_Report_FC (3)
Climate Change A Call For Action

Climate change: A call to action by Steve Trent, Executive Director, Environmental Justice Foundation Climate change is quite possibly the most important environmental issue of our time. We can see the effects of climate change in the news almost every...

Why Sustainable Printing Matters

Did you know that printing is 5th largest manufacturing industry and in the same environmental risk category as mining, oil and nuclear*?  A hugely resource intensive and competitive industry where price is regularly set at loss-leader costing to gain market...

Breast Cancer UK
Breast Cancer UK - Prevention Instead of Cure

Breast Cancer UK is the only national charity dedicated to stopping breast cancer before it starts by reducing our routine exposure to the harmful chemicals in our environment and everyday products. With breast cancer rates at a record high, we...

Habitat_map_A5_low_res (3)
A New Approach to Protecting Britain's Freshwater .... by Kathryn Walker, Freshwater Habitats Trust

 From Pond Conservation to Freshwater Habitats Trust Thursday 12 September 2013 saw the launch of Oxford based charity Freshwater Habitats Trust to spearhead the fight against biodiversity loss in Britain’s freshwaters. The Freshwater Habitats Trust will build on 25 years...

Fableists 4
The Launch of The Fableists Fashion Label Made for Kids (Not by Kids)

We'd like to tell you about the launch of a brilliant new brand with big ideals, who most certainly are walking the walk.  Utilitarian-cool sustainable clothing for kids aged 4 to 10, The Fableists offer a bright and breezy alternative...

LifeStraw 2 - credit Kate Holt (3)
Cutting Carbon and Improving Lives

As part of our commitment to sustainability we’ve been measuring our carbon footprint, doing everything we can to reduce it and offsetting what remains since 2001. As a result, our customers can be confident that their printed material is carbon...

Embedded Water

Water consumption, a critical issue which has been and is being overlooked in the World's focus on fossil fuels, waste management and climate change. The reality is that this problem is a ticking time-bomb which just hasn't had the airing...

Our Journey: From Dirty Printer to Sustainable Champion

Over the last 14 years, our company Seacourt has gone from “standard dirty printer” to become he first closed loop, zero waste company worldwide in the print industry. After years of harping on about the importance of the environment, we...

Print image
Think Digital Media Is More Sustainable Than Print? Think Again

As marketers, we are constantly choosing between communication routes, whether to go for digital or print, or both for a singing-and-dancing fully integrated campaign. However, over the last 10 years, digital communication has become massive, without doubt due to its...


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