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Direct Mail: Reasons to Think Print

At Seacourt we have seen a rise in online businesses working with us to run environmentally responsible, effective print DM campaigns. Why are online firms abandoning emails? Here’s why:

Response - Printed mail generates overall average response rate of 4.4%, (0.12% for emails).

Retention - On average 75% people recall brands from printed mail (44% from email). 

Cost of sales - Printed mail lowers cost-per-acquisition as leads-to-sales conversion is more effective.

Reputation – Delivering printed mail that has a positive social and environmental impact will enhance your brand reputation with the 88% of the UK population who are greatly concerned about our changing climate.

Sources: Seacourt, DMA, Royal Mail Market Reach, The Telegraph

What about GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation is a complete realignment of the way customer consent to data usage is handled. Businesses will no longer be able to include a pre-ticked box, which the customer must untick in order to opt out of consent. Instead, the customer must actively choose to opt in. Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2017.

So this is the perfect opportunities for marketers to use print to:

  • Build brand awareness, with printed items that really stand out 
  • Invite customers and prospects to opt in to what appeals to them 
  • Enhance their data quality by generating genuine leads and interest

Ready to plan your next print direct marketing campaign? Let’s talk.

We can create a successful offline marketing channel that you control that is:

  • Targeted
  • Competitor Free
  • Cost-controlled by you, not the market
  • Fully scalable

We will work with you to:

  • Plan - Firm up your vision, what you want your campaign to achieve
  • Target - Set specific, trackable objectives for success
  • Action - Your timescale for delivery - production, distribution and resources
  • Measure - Key metrics to ensure you're on track
Click here to start planning your print DM campaign or email, or call us on 01865 770 140