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Meet The Team

I love flying … I’ve flown a glider and a helicopter.  Ironically I suffer from vertigo but that hasn’t stopped me from bungee jumping and leaping out of aeroplanes
I have been in print for 35 years and have done virtually everything there is to do in the trade.
My obsession is Keep it Simple, Stupid.  And I’m a stickler for tidiness.
My dream superpower is, unsurprisingly, anything that would enable me to fly (as long as it’s tidy).
I am constantly amazed that my daughter is 48 years younger than me!
At work I’m obsessed with spreadsheets so I can keep an eye on everything
My dream superpower?  I’d really love to be able to be in two places at once. Or just to teleport would do.
I can play five different musical instruments, but not all at the same time.
Obsession-wise, I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for a fresh new writing pad and an equally nice pen. 
I’d love to fly, and quickly! So I can spend less time travelling and more time actioning.

Pre-fatherhood I was a bit of an adrenalin junky: snowboarding, bungee jumping, skydiving, scuba diving and swimming with sharks, including the world’s largest fish, the whale shark.
In work nothing makes me happier than when new clients begin to understand that what we do really does make sense.
My superpower would definitely be time travel. Imagine being able to witness some of the world’s most significant events!
I can beat all the boys in the office at arm wrestling!
I have an obsession for doing the right thing.
My superpower would be breathing underwater, so I can swim with the fishes and explore our deepest oceans.
I’m obsessive about grammar and spelling, and ringing phones unanswered.
Given a choice, my superpower would be flying, Superman stylee, or being able to hold my breath indefinitely.