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LightTouch -

The future of printing is here

Welcome to LightTouch™: a revolution in high performance, low impact printing. LightTouch™ is a world-first printing process that combines the benefits of waterless technology with instant LED drying.

With LightTouch™ there is no compromise. You are guaranteed the most precise, vibrant and versatile print quality through a process that uses no water, near zero emissions and ensures minimal waste. There is no faster, more accurate or more responsible printing process in the industry.

Seacourt puts sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We have pioneered waterless printing since 1997 and are one of only a handful of companies to offer this process. We have continually pushed the boundaries of responsible printing and LightTouch™ is our greatest breakthrough to date.


Waterless printing saves vast quantities of water, eliminates chemical pollution and delivers very high quality work.

Traditional lithographic printing presses use high volumes of water with chemical additives. This mixture keeps the non-image area of the printing plate wet in order to repel ink. Waterless printing using special silicone plates to regulate the inked areas so no water is required.

Instant Drying

Instant drying speeds up the printing process and ensures an extremley precise and high quality print.

With traditional printing, ink soaks into the paper as it dries. LightTouch™ uses LED-powered UV lights to instantly cure the ink onto the page surface through a photochemical reaction. Pages come off the press touch dry and residue-free.

Seacourt MD Gareth Dinnage explains LightTouch™

The Future of printing is

High performance


LED instant drying dramatically increases turn around times while reducing inaccuracies like scuffing and strikethrough.


Waterless printing means no ink dilution making colours more vibrant and ensuring a punchier image. At the same time instant drying ensures more accurate colour matching.


The LightTouch™ process allows us to print on a wide variety of substrates including plastics and other more challenging materials.


Low impact


LightTouch™ saves thousands of litres of water per year so you can feel confident that your printing is having a minimal impact on the environment .

Chemical free

With LightTouch™ you don’t need set-off spray, online coaters, additives or other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which pollute water and damage the environment.

Resource efficient

The LED lights we use for instant drying last ten times longer, contain no mercury and use 8 times less energy compared to traditional halogen UV lights

‘We believe combining waterless and instant drying makes LightTouch™ a revolution in high performance, low impact printing’ Gareth Dinnage MD Seacourt

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