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"Seacourt epitomise our core values of ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly work."

Our Journey: From Dirty Printer to Sustainable Champion

Posted by: Gareth Dinnage | Oct 16, 2013

Over the last 14 years, our company Seacourt has gone from “standard dirty printer” to become he first closed loop, zero waste company worldwide in the print industry.

After years of harping on about the importance of the environment, we now have some recognition for our radical approaches. We were one of the very first printing firms to achieve EMAS certification in 1999, achieved a world first in zero-waste to landfill in 2009, and have gone onto win the coveted Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development, twice. We’re also quoted as being one of the “top three” printers worldwide by a worldwide printing association.

How did we get here?

Was it pre-meditated? No.

Was it easy? No.

Did we have to take a risk, think outside the box, re-evaluate why we are doing what we do?


A family-owned company, Seacourt has embraced environmental challenges and is passionate about what we do.  Although the company will soon be celebrating its 65th birthday, its environmental journey began 14 years ago when company Chairman, Jim Dinnage heard about new waterless printing technology, together with the startling facts and figures about the print industry; how it was the fifth largest and the 6th worst polluting worldwide.  This led to a complete turn-around in strategy and a new waterless lithographic printing press was ordered.

So what made us that first initial step, and clearly place our necks on the line to invest in expensive technology for which there was no guarantee of a positive return?  A higher calling, an epiphany, dissatisfaction for “business-as-usual”.  Well, simply wanting to make a difference.

In our experience, success is not found in gloss, hype, green-wash or a brilliant pr company, but in a clear vision, hard-work and a deep-rooted desire to do the best for our customers and the world in which we live.  This may sound like a cliché but it’s honest and we hope transparent in everything we do. 

In the words of our MD, Gareth Dinnage, “It’s about being passionate and believing in what you do than simply ticking boxes.  We’ve always viewed sustainability as a cornerstone of business, providing the foundation of all decision-making.  Many businesses see it as some kind of add-on function and therefore will never truly embrace it and all the positive opportunities it provides”.

Seacourt Ltd are a world leading environmental printing firm, who achieved a world first in closed-loop zero-waste to landfill in 2009, are double Queen’s Award in Sustainable Development award-winners and use completely waterless printing technology, the ultimate in environmentally-friendly printing technology.  For more info, visit