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"Seacourt epitomise our core values of ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly work."

The Future of Printing

Posted by: Gareth Dinnage | Feb 25, 2015

Our deep commitment to sustainability has always driven us to continue advancements in environmental initiatives and technology.  Strivng to better ourselves, maintain dynamism and create value for our clients has enabled us to create a unique, world-first printing concept, namely LightTouch. 

LightTouch is a hybrid of two superior but previously unconnected environmental technologies, ie Waterless Printing and LED Instant Drying.  Together they produce an unbeatable environmental performance record as well as delivering the highest levels of print quality.  

Waterless Benefits: 

-         - Saves 1600 litres of water a day or over 7.5Million Litres since we started printing Waterless in 1997

-        - This process enables us to reduce our VOC emissions by 98.5% as no IPA or substitutes are used

-        - Delivers enhanced quality, finer detail, punchier colours and greatly reduced dot gain


LED Benefits

Blue LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are only a couple of years old, and won a Nobel Peace Prize for their Japanese inventors. 

In simple terms, these LEDs produce significantly more for less. 

Consider this:  A quarter of the world’s energy consumption is for lighting.  By swapping standard halogen lighting to LED super efficient lighting, we’re talking huge savings:  1 LED can generate 300 Watts – it would take 16 regular light bulbs to achieve the same output. 

And this technology is improving all the time!

Benefits of LED in Printing:

-        - Ink cures instantly producing punchier colours and finer quality reproduction

-         - Instant drying enables us to handle sheets quicker and therefore become more efficient and provide reduced turnaround times for clients

-        - Print on a much wider variety of substrates (due to instant curing) which we will be testing but we think includes: Polyester, acetate, plastic....think creative

-        - Lamps last 20,000 hours – ECO UV last 2,000 hours.

-        - Lamps are more than twice as efficient as ECO UV!

-        - No need for set off sprays, coaters, sealers and additional cleaning agents as don’t need to constantly clean press up. So there are significant resources that we no longer need to consume, further improving the environmental story for LED drying.


Gareth Dinnage, MD of Seacourt explains: 

“The LightTouch process is an outstanding example of how a deep commitment to sustainability can drive competitiveness and lead to leaps forward in technological performance.  LightTouch could lead the way in ensuring a sustainable future for the print industry as a whole.”