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"Seacourt epitomise our core values of ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly work."

Cutting Carbon and Improving Lives

Posted by: Gareth Dinnage | Nov 20, 2013

As part of our commitment to sustainability we’ve been measuring our carbon footprint, doing everything we can to reduce it and offsetting what remains since 2001. As a result, our customers can be confident that their printed material is carbon neutral. However this is by no means the whole story! Working with ClimateCare, we ensure that the money we spend to offset emissions on your behalf, does so much more…

How? Offsetting carbon emissions with Climate and Development projects, which both protect the environment and improve people’s lives, means we are tackling climate change and helping make a real and measurable difference to communities across the world.

We support award winning, innovative projects, such as the world-first LifeStraw Carbon for Water project, which provides safe water to more than 4 million people in the Western Province of Kenya.

It’s a simple concept - gravity fed water filters are provided, meaning people no longer have to boil their water in order to make it safe to drink. The resulting carbon reduction is calculated, paid for by companies like us, and this income makes the project possible.

Beneficiaries, such as Samuel Kutsusha a dairy and banana farmer, talk about improvements to their health having received a LifeStraw Family as part of the Carbon for Water programme.

“I once had typhoid for four months,” Sam recalls. “But since I received the LifeStraw my health has been very good.” Not only has LifeStraw Family left him feeling better, but it has also brought improved economic prospects for the young farmer. “I no longer lose work days to being ill, and my employer has even given me a raise because of the increased yield that I harvest.”

It’s a similar story with clean cookstove projects. Believe it or not, more than half the world’s population still use traditional cookstoves or open fires to heat their homes and cook their food. The UN’s Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves estimates that 4 million people die every year due to smoke exposure from these methods - that’s more than die from malaria and tuberculosis combined.

ClimateCare was the first organisation to use carbon finance to support clean cookstove projects and through them we support the Ugastoves project in Uganda and Gyapa Stoves project in Ghana.

Both these projects cut carbon and improve people’s health. They also support the local economy both by providing jobs and saving families money they would have spent on fuel.

As renowned environmentalist and Founder of Forum for the Future, Jonathon Porritt recently said, offsetting your emissions with projects like this is a “No brainer!”

You can find out more about how to calculate and offset your own emissions with these Climate and Development projects on the ClimateCare website.

Photo credits: Kate Holt