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Breast Cancer UK - Prevention Instead of Cure

Posted by: Gareth Dinnage | Jan 22, 2014

Breast Cancer UK is the only national charity dedicated to stopping breast cancer before it starts by reducing our routine exposure to the harmful chemicals in our environment and everyday products.

With breast cancer rates at a record high, we think it is time there was greater political action to prevent the disease developing in the first place.
The problem: Some of the man-made chemicals commonly used in products such as cosmetics, household cleaners and food packaging, can disrupt our hormones (including oestrogen), which is an important factor in breast cancer development.
Despite this, chemical exposure is an area that is often overlooked by public health policy makers. Most of these chemicals have never even been adequately tested for hormone disrupting properties or other adverse health effects.
What we do: Breast Cancer UK campaigns for the primary prevention of breast cancer and better chemicals regulation. We support scientific research and provide people with information about what they can do to reduce their own risk by reducing their body burden of chemicals of concern.
We have just launched our new Manifesto entitled ‘‘Prevention is better than cure: 5 pledges for 2015 and beyond’, which outlines 5 areas in which political action is needed to help bridge the chemical gap in breast cancer prevention policy so that we can get better at preventing the disease in the first place.    The 5 pledges are:
1. Prioritise the primary prevention of breast cancer;
2. Improve the regulation of chemicals;
3. Protect the unborn child from the harmful effects of chemical exposure;
4. Ban the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in food and drinks packaging;
5. Improve labeling laws and implement the ‘right to know’ about harmful chemicals.

Everyone can help make this happen by emailing their MPs and asking them to support our Manifesto and put prevention first. See our website for details:

Author:  Matilda Bradshaw, Communications Manager, Breast Cancer UK

If you are interested in learning more about what we do and how you can help us prevent breast cancer, please get in touch.
Lynn Ladbrook, Chief Executive,
Matilda Bradshaw, Communications Manager,

Image: Steve Brine MP pictured with our Chair of Trustees, Clare Dimmer, at our Reception and Manifesto Launch in the House of Commons